Crossword is an intellectual game where you have to guess the words. Sometimes finding crossword solutions can be a really challengeable task and you may spend hours to guess the required word. The game may turn into a real addiction, while you are searching for a crossword clue, but let’s be honest, it is an amazing type of addiction that you really enjoy. Besides, it is a good way to spend your time on a train, during a break or after work when you have a few extra minutes.




Today doing crosswords has become more comfortable because you can do crosswords online or download an application to your mobile phone. Nevertheless, sometimes you come to the point when your daily crossword becomes a real nightmare and you cannot guess the word. Read More

In such circumstances, you start searching for crossword help because you cannot cope with this puzzle alone. If you have faced the same problem when you cannot find crossword answers, there is a solution that you will be glad to know about. The crossword solver is the best choice when you require an effective word solver.

The principle of work is very simple, you indicate which letters you have and the program provides you with possible crossword puzzle answers. The program works perfectly even if you have a crossword clue with multiple word answers. Whatever words you cannot find, crossword puzzle solver is what you need to finish your crossword. And if using crossword tracker feels like cheating to you, you can use our services for getting a little hint: for example, check the crossword dictionary for the words that start with x and then examine the whole list and find the correct answer yourself.

On our official website, you can find any crossword help that you may require for getting the answers that you are searching for.



The most effective way that the crossword solver offers is to search for the missing word using the available letters search tool. This type of searching can be subdivided into the following subcategories:

  • Full anagrams. If you have OPTOAT you will receive POTATO
  • Partial anagrams. If you have only some letters and others are missing. For example, BAAN will give you BANANA or CABANA.
  • If you have only part of the word. For example, if you have CAB, crossword clue solver will show VOCAB or CABBAGE.
  • If you have a part of the word and some letters. For example you have MAD and letters S, E, N. The program will give the answer MADNESS and MADDENS.

For you it is probably interesting to know who we are and why we actually provide such service. The answer is quite simple. We are people who love intellectual games as much as you do. We develop and provide various crossword solutions for those people who feel that they cannot cope with a challengeable crossword alone and they need some help.